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Law Enforcement Batons  – Types and Usage

Batons used by police officers and SWAT team members can come in quite handy when fighting off an assailant with more than their bare hands before having to resort to lethal firearms to incapacitate them. These batons come in a variety of forms, such as collapsible, expandable, telescopic and rapid containment batons. The expandable batons are comprised of 3 sections, each one smaller then the other to allow them to fit snugly inside the larger. The top shaft collapses inside the larger main shaft in order for it to retain a compact size for convenient and discreet transportation. The baton can easily deploy into three times its length with a quick flick of the wrist, giving the officer a means off fighting off an attacker with more than their fists.

These batons also vary in length, anywhere from 16 to 32 inches, and are usually made of solid steel or lightweight alloys. The newer Rapid Containment Batons are much more convenient and easier to carry and appear much less menacing to civilians. Law enforcement and SWAT members find these batons beneficial to have on them as they fill in the gap between using bare fists and having to resort to lethal firearms.

All officers undergo training in order to use these batons properly and effectively. It is essential to know when and how to strike with these batons in order to properly defend oneself, and not use excessive force when not necessary. Rather than going for muscular areas, it is recommended to go for the joints and other bony areas, such as the knees, ribs, wrists or elbows. Doing so will prove to be much more incapacitating than going for the muscular areas. Striking the head, neck or spine can be lethal, so those areas are to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Batons For Civilian Use

There are some legal limitations when it comes to civilians wanting to use a baton for personal self defense purposes. There are some states that allow a civilian to carry a baton as long as it is not concealed. There are some states that do not permit one to carry a baton in public. This is why it is essential for one to check their local laws when considering purchasing a police baton.

Where to Buy Batons For Self Defense

This Smith & Wesson Expandable Tactical Baton costs $45 at SelfDefense.com. This is a high quality baton that comes with a ballistic nylon holster. These batons are available in 16, 21, 24 & 26 inch lengths and come with a lifetime warranty. These are constructed using a hard and strong 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing. The grip features a raised textured rubber grip that provides a very solid grip. The ballistic nylon holster permits you to carry the baton in a variety of tactical positions. An optional LED baton light is available.



This Deluxe 32″ Expandable Steel Police Baton with a Crusher Handle is available at BladePlay.com for $28.99.  These expandable batons extend from 12 to 32 inches. This baton features a rubber diamond grip crusher handle made of stainless steel and nylon carry sheath. It is lightweight at 1 lb 10 oz, making it easy and convenient to carry.

The Security Grade Expandable Baton from SelfDefenseProducts.com costs $18.  This all steel baton is security grade and expandable with a ballistic holster. The textured rubber grip allows for a solid, no-slip grip, and the holster allows you to carry this baton in different tactical positions. An optional LED light is also available. This baton is great for security and self-defense purposes.


This 16″ Expandable Telescopic Baton Rubber Handle is available for $15.95 at PlanetMace.com. This is an effective self-defense weapon for personal protection against an attacker. Simply having the baton in your possession can help to deter any predator from attacking you. This baton is very easy to use and carry, and folds up into a portable size to be kept with you at all times. A simple flick of the wrist is all it takes to open up the baton to its full extent. It is made with solid steel and the tip of the baton is designed to provide a solid impact when swung at an assailant.

This Premium Heavy Duty Baton with a Flashlight End Cap costs $19.95 at Extremely-Sharp.com.  This premium solid steel sling out baton is 8.5 inches folded and 21 inches long when deployed, which is the perfect size for most people who are looking for a self-defense tool. The body of the baton is a cylinder steel coil that will increases the force of your swing.

Effectively Using a Baton For Self Defense

Although there are a variety of police batons available, they mostly come in the same type of design. Most are just over 2 feet when deployed, and have a small grip handle. By holding the baton parallel to your arm and twisting your wrist to swivel the baton, you’ll be in a good position to defend yourself against an attacker. One common way to temporarily disable an attacker is to use the baton to strike the attacker in the stomach in order to knock the wind out of them, giving you enough time to get away and get help. Officers will also commonly use the baton to strike an assailant in the joints in order to incapacitate them them for longer periods without using lethal force.

Law enforcement officers and others who have used batons have noted the following benefits to using a baton:

  • More inexpensive to acquire and maintain in comparison to tasers or stun guns
  • Flicking the baton makes a clicking noise similar to a gun, which often scares an assailant by the sound alone
  • A simple flick of the wrist can seriously incapacitate an attacker

Police batons can be a very inexpensive and effective means of defending oneself and fighting off an attacker. It is important to be able to get the proper training in order to use these batons effectively in order to stop an attacker in their tracks, without resulting to lethal force.

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