Where to Buy Stun Grenades: Effective Tool For Dissipating Assailants

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The Use of Stun Grenades Among Law Enforcement

SWAT team members and police officers use a variety of tactile weapons, depending on the particular situation they are dealing with. From firearms, to tasers, to batons, they have a wide selection of weapons available to them to do their job effectively. One of the weapons they use is a stun grenade, which is generally used to effectively and quickly clear a room and give them a few vital seconds to allow entry of the law enforcement team.

Stun grenades deploy to give off a deafening bang and a blinding flash that works to disorientate hostile individuals and clear them from a room, which gives law enforcement a few moments to be able to enter a space and dissipate any potential threats.

These stun grenades were introduced back in the 1970′s, and have since gained popularity among many police forces across the country and around the globe. These stun grenades are also referred to as “flash-bangs” that contains a mixture of mercury and magnesium powder. When detonated, it produces an incredible blinding flash that is equivalent to 300,000 candlepower.

In addition to the blinding light, the deafening sound that it makes is capable of disorientating and disrupting anyone’s balance and function. These stun grenades are able to shock, stun, temporarily blind and disrupt anyone within its range. These stun grenades have evolved to be able to detonate multiple times, and can even release certain irritants such as tear gas.

Law enforcement officers who deploy these stun grenades are fully trained to use them, and become conditioned to their effects. Of course, they wear special gear that protects them from the disorientating effects of the grenade in order for them to maximize their opportunity to disrupt a rowdy crowd and gain entry easily, quickly and effectively.

Finding and buying these stun grenades can be a bit challenging, but here is a short list of where to get them.

Where to Find and Buy Stun Grenades

The Deep Fire STUN Distraction Grenade (Airsoft Version) is availbale for purchase at RedWolfAirSoft.com for $59. This stun grenade uses CO2 pressures of up to 1200 psi and a burst disc made of thick plastic. It is able to generate over 100 decibels of noise at only 800 psi! For maximum noise, the power can be increased up to 1200 psi for optimal effect. This stun grenade can be adjusted to detonate immediately after the spoon is thrown, or to go off a few moments after the spoon has been thrown to effectively clear a room. The blast is so powerful that people will feel the effects of the concussion wave as well.

The Mad Bull GSG-01 Stun Noise Grenade (CO2 Powered) costs $99.95 and is available at CombatSportSupply.com.  This stun grenade is specially manufactured to be used for training purposes for law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, military personnel and others who require its use. This stun grenade uses CO2 to create a loud, 100 decibal bang that simulates a flash bang for training purposes.


The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade costs $99 at RedWolfAirSoft.com. The power, spread and ease of use with this stun grenade makes this an effective tool to be used in a room full of hostiles. Simply pull the pin and toss it for a 360° cover. This tool can be used repeatedly thanks to its durable and strong construction. This product has been thoroughly tested, and has been manufactured to be used time and time again for incredible effectiveness and reliability.

The Effectiveness of the Stun Grenade Among Law Enforcement and Military Personnel

Many law enforcement officers, SWAT team members and military soldiers utilize stun grenades as a non-lethal means of dealing with a large number of assailants at once. Particularly in situations where there is an emergency requirement to enter a room to neutralize any threats or save the lives of innocent hostages, the effects of the stun grenade can be highly effective in temporarily disrupting an assailant’s senses. This is used as an alternative to firearms which can be lethal.

The temporary effects that a stun grenade has on an individual includes the following:

  • Activates all light sensitive cells within the eye
  • Vision is impaired for a few seconds
  • Induces temporary hearing loss
  • Fluid in the ear is disturbed causing loss of balance

The use of a stun grenade needs to be used with extreme caution. They can be very effective for countering the attack of assailants when used properly. One needs to be fully trained on how and when to use these stun grenades properly. If not used properly, they can cause more injury than anticipated, and can even cause fire by igniting flammable materials.

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