Where to Buy Handguns For Various Applications

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Buying Handguns For Safety and Self-Defense

Many civilians and household members have considered purchasing a handgun for their own personal safety and self-defense against an attacker or an intruder in their homes. Handguns are easier to use and conceal in the home than larger firearms, like shotguns.

There are generally two types of handgun action types: a revolver or a semi-automatic.

Revolver – The revolver is able to hold 5 or more rounds of ammunition that rotates in a cylinder in behind the barrel of the gun. After all the bullets have been used up, the user needs to swing open the cylinder, empty out the casings and load the chambers with a new cartridge. Double action revolvers do not necessitate cocking the hammer prior to pulling out the trigger to fire.

Semi-Automatic – These handguns hold ammunition vertically into the grip. When you fire the gun, the hammer hits the firing pin, which discharges the cartridge and reloads a new round of ammunition. It is the force of the fired cartridge that cycles the action of the gun to reload.

First time gun buyers may be encouraged to stick with a revolver first before thinking of buying a semi-automatic considering the fact that the learning curve is more involved with the semi-automatic.

If you are debating between a revolver and a semi-automatic, consider these factors first:


  • Easier to clean
  • If you misfire, you simply pull the trigger again


  • Can be reloaded more quickly
  • Can be more concealable
  • Usually has a manual safety
  • If you misfire, there are more steps involved to remedy the situation

Whatever handgun you choose to buy, here are a few ideas of where to find handguns for purchase.

Where to Find and Buy Handguns

The Sig Arms P250 Compact Pistol costs $463 at TheGunSource.com. This pistol is completely customizable and is built around an effective firing mechanism. The user has the ability to change the frame size, caliber and triggers. This gun can also be made to accommodate any type of user. This gun features interchangeable polymer grips, night sights and a 3.9 inch barrel. The Sig Arms P250 Pistol is comfortable and easy to shoot, and is highly accurate.
The Remington 1911 R1 .45ACP is available at TopGunSupply.com for $639.95. This handgun features rear slide serrations, a machined steel side, stainless steel barrel and double diamond walnut grips. It also comes with a lowered ejection port, dovetailed front and rear 3 dot sights. In addition, this handgun features a serrated flat mainspring housing, G.I. styled hammer as well as a full sized 5 inch investment cast frame. It’s a great handgun for a great price for you to keep wherever necessary to protect yourself and your family.

The Kel-Tec P-3AT .380 pistol blue is available at BudsGunShop.com for $259.  This is a semi-automatic handgun with a locked breech pistol. This gun is quite comparable to larger guns thanks to the locking dynamics, incredible ergonometry, perceived recoil and amazing accuracy.

The Beretta 84FS Cheetah .380 ACP Pistol sells for $696.99 at HyattGunStore.com. This gun provides a compact firearm that can be used equally as effectively for an officer on duty or for a civilian as a self-defense tool. This gun offers great firing capacity, reliability and durability. These guns are also easily maintained. This gun features an open top slide, single or double action, automatic safety and manual safety on both sides.

Why Buy a Handgun?

Buying a gun in the US is legal and quite easy to do. Some states may have a more lengthy and cumbersome requirements for background checks and paperwork to be filled out, but generally speaking, most people should be able to buy a handgun in the US with little to no hassle.

Applications for the Use of a Handgun

People who are considering buying a gun need to know what exactly it will be used for. Here are some of the more common reasons for the purchase of a handgun:

Competition and Target Shooting

Those looking for a gun for these purposes most likely already have some knowledge of the different types of guns available and their method of use. There are many guns that are great for the use of competition or target shooting, that won’t necessarily be good for self-defense purposes. This is why it is important to know what you need the gun for prior to selecting a specific type.


One of the most popular handguns for hunting is the large-caliber revolver. The .44 Magnum cartridge is well known to be able to hunt even large game like bear. These types of guns are intimidating and effective for home self-defense as well, but are generally too large to carry around in public for self-defense purposes.

Defense Within the Home

When buying a handgun to fight off home invaders, the gun should be able to fit in your hand comfortably, be easily reloaded, and has a cartridge that is effective enough to stop an intruder.

Self-Defense Outside of the Home

Those who are looking to carry a gun outside of the home are better off getting a small gun that is easily carried and transported. One that is too heavy and bulky will be more of a hindrance than anything else.

When considering purchasing a handgun for safety purposes, it is crucial to practice using it in a safe shooting range before having to use it in a real life situation. Make sure that you are fully capable of using the gun, and that all necessary paperwork and licensing is properly filled out. Owning a handgun is a huge responsibility, and one that can possibly save your life in the event of an attack against an assailant.

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