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The Use of Taser Guns For Assailant Take-Down

Tasers are hand-held weapons commonly used among police officers and SWAT team members to help take down assailants in the middle of an attack. They shoot 2 needle-tipped electric darts that delivers a 50,000 volt jolt to an attacker for about 5 seconds. These volts can go through clothing, so they don’t have to make direct contact with skin to be effective. As long as the battery works on the taser, these volts can be activated as many times as necessary.

Tasers work to immobilize an attacker by sending electrical pulses to over-stimulate the attacker’s nervous system. This results in a muscular contraction that is totally uncontrollable, which causes the assailant to become completely immobilized and incapacitated.

Who Uses Tasers?

Tasers are widely used among law enforcement agencies, including police officers, SWAT members and military agencies all around the globe. In addition, it is estimated that over 100,000 US citizens who are not related to law enforcement by any means are also making use of tasers as an effective means of self defense. Tasers are not considered to be firearms, and are therefore made legal for the purchase and use among civilians in the country. There are certain states or cities that have placed restrictions on the use of tasers.

Benefits of Using Tasers

One of the greatest benefits of the use of tasers is the ability to debilitate and take down an attacker without having to kill them in an attack. Police officers try to do everything possible to stop an attacker in their tracks without having to resort in violence causing death. Tasers give them the ability to do this, although there may be situations that call for the necessary use of bodily harm on an attacker. Tasers offer a safer alternative to brutal force in order to incapacitate a violent assailant.

Read on to find out where to buy tasers for self defense.

Where to Buy Tasers

This TASER C2 Basic Kit comes in black and is available at a price tag of $379.99 at This kit has everything you need to practice using the taser and carrying it with you. The training cartridge gives you the opportunity to practice with the device first so you’re comfortable with aiming and shooting it. This device has almost a 100% effectiveness rating, and combines injury reducing benefits with stopping power thanks to the Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. You’ll be able to defend yourself from an attacker without causing permanent bodily harm.

The ADVANCED TASER®  M26C is available at for $429. () This device is modeled after Taser’s police model ADVANCED TASER M26, and utilizes the same technology as law enforcement models giving you amazing take down capabilities. This device shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. It enables 50,000 volts to travel through the wires, over-riding the central nervous system. All you have to do is simply touch your assailant with the taser, stunning him or her into submission.

The TASER Device C2 can be found at for $302. This non-lethal self defense device comes with the latest in TASER® device technology, and is available to US law abiding citizens for self defense. It is easy and effective at taking down your attacker, giving you time to escape and seek out assistance. TASER International, Inc. provides online registration to help keep these tasers out of the hands of criminals.

There are other reliable places online to find good quality tasers at great prices, allowing you to protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential attack of an assailant. has a great selection of tasers, as well as, who provides law enforcement caliber tasers that are extremely effective in taking down attackers.

Why Tasers Can Be Useful and Lifesaving

Tasers not only offer law enforcement officers a means of protecting themselves and taking down criminals, but they also offer regular civilians an effective non-lethal weapon to use for self-defense. All you have to do is touch an attacker with a taser for a couple of seconds in order for it to totally immobilize your attacker, giving you enough time to escape and seek out help.

If you have ever been the victim of an attack, you know how crucial it is to have an effective means of self-defense. One way to effectively fight off an attacker is by using a taser on them. Not only will this give you a way out of an attacker’s hold, but it can be done in a way that will not cause serious and permanent damage to the assailant. Get the control and power over an attacker, and get yourself out of a potentially deadly situation with the use of a taser.

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